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LogoOnlinePros Acquires WebDesignBizz To Strengthen Its Pillars In Web Development

April 14, 2014 | No Comments">No Comments

  LogoOnlinePros, a graphic design agency which entered the market in 2010, has now strengthened its services portfolio. In addition to its customary graphics and web design services, it now offers bespoke web development services as well. This happened today, when it acquired WebDesignBizz, a web design startup based in Dallas, Texas. The company has [...]

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memorable logo design

Memorable Logo Design: 10 Step Guide

April 03, 2014 | No Comments">No Comments

Designing a company’s visual identity i.e. logo demands creative input, which is easier said than done.  That said a good corporate logo will reap hefty benefits for the business in the longer run. There is no fixed pattern or process that has to be followed to design a memorable logo; every designer has his or [...]

Posted in Branding, Logo Design

World’s Top 10 Most Successful Logo Designers-02

World’s Top 10 Most Successful Logo Designers

April 01, 2014 | No Comments">No Comments

Designing a logo requires an exceptional eye for detail, a creative soul, a genuine passion for building brands and relentless focus on simplicity. Some of the most memorable logos have stood the test of time, and refused to be barred by cultural, regional or linguistic barriers. The world has seen a handful of visual visionaries, [...]

Posted in Branding, Logo Design, News

Logo Design Colors

Know Thy Colors Before You Create A Logo

March 27, 2014 | No Comments">No Comments

The ‘persona’ of a memorable logo is created by blending various factors such as color scheme, typography, illustration, brand message and target audience in perfect harmony with one another. The aim behind creating a logo is to make it instantly recognizable and relatable to the company, its products or services and what they stand for. [...]

Posted in Branding, Logo Design

How to Create a memorable Logo Design


March 24, 2014 | No Comments">No Comments

Logos serve as hallmark of the brand representation. The way a logo is conceived and designed represents the ideology behind the brand’s vision. A high amount of expertise and creativity is needed to seamlessly blend together in order to design a memorable logo. As we know, logos are a powerful tool to make your brand [...]

Posted in Branding, Logo Design

Lop Blog Image_Copyright Isuues

Copyright Issues in Logo Designing

March 21, 2014 | No Comments">No Comments

Intellectual property, if one sees it in the context of law, it is as simple as it gets. Patents are used to protect unique inventions from getting copied or reproduced. Thing such as taglines, brand names etc are catered by Trademark. Copyright means creative and aesthetic works of art fixed into a physical medium of [...]

Posted in Logo Design

Top 10 Sources of Logo Design Inspiration

Top 10 Sources of Logo Design Inspiration

March 18, 2014 | No Comments">No Comments

Modern times have allowed people to connect more than ever before. At this onset of technological evolution, everyone needs to keep up in order to succeed. The same holds true for brands. More revered than any other form of recognition, brands are now in hot pursuit of iconic logos. Logos have now evolved into graphic [...]

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